Sephora Give Away (!!!)

Sephora's new Kit Hydration is a life saver. This Instant Moisture Kit comes with 1 Supreme Cleansing Form, 1 Instant Depuffing roll-on gel, and 1 Instant Moisturizer. These products work over time to create a clean fresh moisturizing experience that will leave your skin smooth and silky soft.

I tried out this product on my face and was so impressed by the instant hydration. It is the perfect product to use in between seasons to help prevent damage to your skin with the climate changes. With the summer winding down, it is important to give your skin extra love and care. This moisturizing kit is a great addition to anyone's skin care routine.

Right now because I love this product so much I will be giving away a Mini Sephora Instant Moisture Kit and just for fun I am including a Pro Stippling Brush. This brush is designed to create a streak free application leaving your foundation with a gorgeous sheer finish.