Fall Textures

Fall in California is unlike anything I have experienced before. The month of November just started and the weather here on the west coast still feels like summer. No worries though, this year I won't have to compensate fashion for functionality in this heat.

This outfit gives me all the feels. This suede skirt is a perfect pair for this timeless silk top. The skirt's warm colors and textures help create a subtle fall presence while the top adds structure and elegance to the outfit.

The shirt featured is from one of my favorite local designers in Nashville, TN. I would like to take the time to introduce Elizabeth Suzann. Her brand emphasizes well-designed, practical pieces that are easy to pair with any style. The designer and her team of amazing seamstresses are dedicated to creating minimal, functional pieces of the highest quality.

I have such a huge passion for all things local and I love to share with others about some of my favorite brands, weather it is clothes or beauty products. I have some exciting things planned for the blog and I can't wait to share with everyone what I have been working on. Stay tuned!

I encourage you to leave any questions and/or feedback about the featured products in the comments section, as well as any requests you may have for me.

Until Next Time, xoxo

[ Photography: Sawyer Key

Top: Elizabeth Suzann + Skirt: ZARA + Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell ]

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