Perfect Golden Glow


If you look at any magazine, you will see that the latest makeup trend this summer is the natural glowy-bronzed skin. This look has been seen on all the hottest celebs, such as Kim Kardashian, Karlie Kloss, Jennifer Lopez, and Blake Lively.

Personally, I love this look because it is very easy for anyone to achieve and doesn't require lots of pricey products. It is perfect for any occasion and is definitely a go to look during wedding season. It is so awesome to see women using less heavy products on their skin and embracing natural looks.

When creating this look I have put together my favorite recommendations on products that I use not only for myself but also behind the scenes when I am working on shoots.

1) Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter ($30.00)

2) Mac Mineralize Skinfinish ($32.00)

3) Urban Decay Chill Spray ($30.00)

All of these products are generally used for highlighting. This technique is used to enhance facial features such as cheekbones, nose structure, and physical placement of other elements of the face. The following steps will help create the perfect golden glow for this summer.

1) Make sure that you have applied foundation and counselor covering the face evenly.

2) Identify the areas in which you are going to highlight and contour. Typically these places will be the forehead, temples of the head, brows, cheekbones, nose, upper lip, and lower chin.

3) Apply the Benefit Watt's Up highlighter first and using the tips of your fingers dab the product into the skin so that it is even and creates a subtle shine to those areas.

4) Contour the face by applying a pigment powder a shade or two darker than your foundation underneath the areas you highlighted. It is important to blend evenly.

5) Using the Mac Mineralize Skinfinish lightly brush it vertically down the center of your face and across the cheekbones.

6) Once you have finished your makeup, take the Urban Decay Chill Spray and apply one pump across the face. This will set the makeup and create that dewy look.

If you have any questions about the products or the steps used, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below and I will get back to you. Also let me know if a video would help demonstrate the application process better. I hope everyone enjoys this look and please share pictures of you and this look using the hash tag #beyouberaw

COMING SOON: "Moriah Murrell Featuring A Metallic Smokey Eye"

Until Next Time, xoxo

[ Photography: Zylah Solis ]

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