Be You, Be RAW

Welcome! I am Chelsea Esquibel your go to expert when it comes to all things beautiful. I am so happy to share with y'all my latest creative venture.

I just recently graduated from Belmont University and will be moving to Los Angeles at the end of the summer to continue chasing my passions of makeup artistry and fashion. My inspiraton is drawn from the beautiful places and people that have been brushed into my life. I am impatiently counting down the days until I embark on my next big adventure.

The fashion and beauty industries are two sisters worlds in which I have always been fascinated with. I am very excited to take my passion to the next level by inviting you to join me here, on my blog, where I will be sharing weekly updates on my various fashion projects as well as give product reviews, makeup tutorials, tips and tricks, and features on all my favorite looks.

I hope that this blog does not only encourage you to explore various looks and products, but also to aid in the finding of your own true beauty, realizing that makeup is just an accessory created to enhance a woman's natural charm. As much as I love playing around with makeup and clothes, I never want to lose touch with my appreciation for raw, untouched beauty.

As I mentioned above, I am here to be your expert beauty guide, and would love to see + hear about how my advice has worked out for you. I encourage you to leave any questions and/or feedback about the featured products in the comments section, as well as any requests you may have for me.

COMING SOON: "Perfect Golden Glow"

Until Next Time, xoxo

[ Photography: Paloma Martinez

Clothing: Elizabeth Suzann + 7115NYC By Szeki ]

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